Falcon’s Landing, Rolleston

Falcons Landing Sales office open 1-3pm Thursday & Sunday

Falcon’s Landing has been one of Rolleston’s fastest-growing residential developments and has come a long way over the last few years. It is fantastic to see so many new residents enjoying their beautiful new homes and the amenities Falcon’s Landing has to offer. 

The new district library and community facilities are designed to host a variety of events and activities, putting emphasis on learning, technology and community. And, with an award-winning playground, the kids will love it too. Falcon’s Landing is sure to be enjoyed by many generations in years to come.

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Falcon's Landing at a glance

At Falcon’s Landing, we’re all about creating a neighbourhood that feels like home. Our focus is on providing a safe and welcoming environment for families to thrive. That’s why we’ve incorporated a neighbourhood park into the development, perfect for those sunny afternoons spent with family and friends. 

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